Asgegnew Ashko is a talented singer and songwriter from Southern Ethiopia. He is well known for his hit song Dendesho that was released in 2014 and became popular after the video went viral on YouTube. He makes his debut on Coke Studio Africa 2017 paired with Ugandan singer and dancer Sheebah.

Asgegnew came into the limelight in 2014, when his song Dendesho became one of the most viewed YouTube videos in Ethiopia. He later released two singles Yadisse and Bale Robe Hundefa in 2016. Both singles became internet sensations owing to their catchy hook and style.

Since the advent of his career, Asgegnew has released tracks that have made him a darling amongst the Ethiopian masses. He is currently working on his first studio album, which will be dropped soon.

Asgegnew Ashko was born in Arbaminch in the Southern Part of Ethiopia. He fell in love with music as a child, and while in high school started performing as a dancer for a time. His journey to the top was not smooth, as he struggled with his dancing career. It wasn’t until later when he moved to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa that his career began to soar.

September 29, 2017- Addis Ababa, Ethiopia– He always has a bright smile on his face that lights up the ambiance. Same goes for his songs. Asgegnew Ashko is currently one of the most favorite artists in the country. And now, Asge is featured on the fifth season of Coke Studio Africa.

Asgegnew expressed his excitement to be on Coke Studio Africa on a press conference at Nairobi, Stanely hotel in August. Speaking at the conference on being one of the Ethiopian artists participating on this year’s Coke Studio Africa and the contribution of the platform for the growth and exposure of African music in general Asge said, “Since childhood, the music industry has been dominated by music from the western world and I used to be jealous of those artists. But now we are at a very good time. African music is being heard and appreciated globally. I’m also grateful that I have grown to be part of that; I have crossed one border with Coke Studio Africa from Ethiopia to Kenya taking my country’s music and flavors. And this stage is going to take me to the rest of Africa and the world, I’m very happy about this”.

Coca-Cola brand manager in Ethiopia Tigist Getu says, “In the first three episodes of Coke Studio Africa 2017, we have witnessed the colorful New Year song by this season’s Ethiopian Coke Studio Africa artists, Dawit Nega’s journey to Coke Studio Africa, Sami Dan firing up the stage with his dancehall performance and Betty G putting tears in the eyes of Tanzanian artist Nandy with her phenomenal cover performance” Tigist said. Adding, “we expect Asge’s collaboration with Sheebah to be the same; big and euphoric. We invite everyone to enjoy it”.


This week’s headline artists, Kenyan rap king Nyashinskiand South African supergroup Mafikizolo join up to discover more about each other’s music and create something special while DRC-born South African resident Tresor, and Cameroon’s multi-talented Locko, have some fun with the Coke Studio Africa Throwback.

Ugandan dancehall dominator Sheebah and our very own Asge also join up to discover more about each other’s music and create something awesome. Speaking on his collaboration with Shebbah on big break episode Asge said they’ve made amazing music adding that everyone should anticipate great collaboration. The two artists will also be working with Future star Tanzanian rapper Bill Nass in music collaborations that will be produced by Gemini Major – acclaimed music producer.

Asgegnew Ashko’s Coke Studio Africa experience exclusively airs on ebs TV on Sunday at 5:30 PM.

About Coke Studio Africa

Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive music collaboration show, which seeks to bring people together and celebrate the diversity of African music and talent. It also gives upcoming artists the opportunity to work with some of the best local and international music and production talent. It brings together artists from different genres, eras and regions to create a modern and authentic African sound through musical fusion.